Our digital marketing plan focuses on leveraging various digital channels and platforms to enhance the online presence of our travel agency company. The key objectives of this plan are to increase website traffic, generate online bookings, boost social media engagement, and establish our brand as a trusted travel advisor.


By following this comprehensive digital marketing plan, your travel agency company can significantly increase its online visibility, engage with the target audience effectively, and drive more bookings. Regularly measure and optimize your campaigns to ensure long-term success in the competitive travel industry.





Digging up the market’s current scenario and discussion on the same with the client helps us in creating a study on the business. This comprehensive research on market trends and market position is then used for strategy development.


Marketing and market updates go side by side, in digital marketing making new developments in the business is necessary. We holistically take care of such situations and try to capture all the moment marketing aspects and generate a full proof business development.


With experience team and tactical approach we readily manage all aspects of digital marketing. Starting with content creation (Photo & Video), content plan management, promotional plan, and backing up all this with a responsive website for your business, we cover all under one roof.
Digital Marketing for Travel Agency
Travel Zone
Travel Zone

Travel Zone

Travel Zone has been in the tourism industry
for more than a decade, and has the knowledge
and the expertise to provide impeccable service
to its client. Travel Zone is the Best Travel Agent in
India to arrange Kashi Darshan Tours from Tourist
and Pilgrims from all over India and World.

Sunshine Travels
Sunshine Travels

Sunshine Travels

Sunshine Travels is a leading Travel Company
based in Varanasi providing all kind of Travel related
services in and around Varanasi and throughout the
Buddhist Circuit in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Nepal.
Our unique personalized service model has made us
known as a reliable and efficient Excursion Agent in Varanasi

Modern World Travel
Modern World Travel

Modern World Travel

ModernWorld Travel has its corporate office in Varanasi.
Located in the prime commercial/tourist area of the city
of Varanasi, Modern World Travel’s close to a whole range
of hotels from 5 star to budget. The main railway station is
nearby and the airport is aprrox a 45 minute comfortable

Earthy Hues
Earthy Hues

Earthy Hues

At Earthy Hues we offer you a unique, immersive,
and impactful travel experience that will leave you
enriched personally with memories to last you a lifetime.
We are passionate about providing our clients with authentic
sustainable travel options, allowing them to truly embrace the
essence of the destination rather than just checking it off a list.

Buddha Holidays
Buddha Holidays

Buddha Holidays

In 2005, Buddha Holidays Pvt. Ltd. incorporated
with the aim of “your true partner in guest delight”
that has given us significant standing among our
suppliers and clients. We are professional Travel
Company in Varanasi, backed by years of experience
in travel sector and offering the best travel services.

Alluring Travel
Alluring Travel

Alluring Travel

Alluring Varanasi Tours, a travel company
based in Varanasi. We cater all kinds of travel
arrangements in and around Varanasi including
important pilgrimage destinations with entire
Buddhist circuit.